Of Great Expectations.

Aicha and Michelle.

I would regale you with stories of just how insanely busy this week has been, …but I don’t have that kind of time. Like I said: crazy pills.

 I had a moment of sheer panic this morning after my run, when my coffee pot refused to turn on. It took a couple of excruciatingly long minutes of jiggling, prodding, pounding and Lamaze breathing exercises, but that stubborn little orange light finally surrendered and wearily flickered to life.

 This is not the week for my coffee pot to die.

Last night, my team and I hosted a dinner for every Muslim background believer [MBB] that we know. [We had some students with Catholic backgrounds show up too!]

This. Is. Incredible. And it's not even all of them!

The idea was incredibly simple: we wanted to talk about God’s heart for Senegal, and how each of them can be a part of reaching their campus with the gospel. Ironically, my job over here in Dakar is to work myself out of a job. I want to see Senegalese MBB’s doing what I do-they will inevitably do it better, and it will be sustainable. Dinner last night was a thrilling step towards that!

About twenty-five students came.

No. Stop. That’s a HUGE deal. This time last year, we didn’t KNOW twenty-five students-and last night we had twenty-five new Christian students that want their friends to know Jesus show up! This is what we’ve been dreaming about, praying for and working towards for over a year. It was beautiful.

Pascal talking about CPC.

Our boss Pascal talked about the history of Campus Pour Christ, [That would be Campus Crusade for Christ en francais] and our vision for the ministry here. Later, over impossibly enormous mounds of rice with yassa onion sauce, we gave each student a survey on which they could indicate exactly how they wanted to be involved with us. Their options were as follows:

 -Attend a Bible study

– Host a Bible study in your dorm room

 -Be discipled

 -Learn how to share your faith

 -Be a member of a Campus Pour Christ event planning committee

 -Share your faith on campus with a staff member

 -Attend a local church with a staff member

I had to fight tears when an MBB named Aicha handed me a survey with every single box checked. If we really believe that God alone can save-really believe it- it ought to drastically alter the way that we live our lives. But what that means for me is so different than what it means for that sweet girl. She understands what it means to consider Jesus as more valuable than any created thing, to give up everything to follow Him, in ways that I never will. I’ll tell you her story sometime.

We’re exhausted over here-but silly excited. :) If you’re tracking along and praying for us, pray for the ten women and fifteen men that are poised to change the course of history in Senegal. You think I’m exaggerating? Oh, just you wait and see!



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5 responses to “Of Great Expectations.

  1. KD

    incroyable Ashley!
    I’m excited just reading this, must be so sweet to see the movement starting to happen around you. Praying for everyone’s spiritual protection.

  2. Kristin


  3. Julianna M

    wow – this is truly incredible, Ashley…will continue to pray and I do believer these men and women can change the course of history in Senegal !

  4. Abigail

    Wow! That is so awesome. :) your post brought me to years. I will pray. I do believe that God is working and I pray that by the time I join you next summer all those students will be there to teach us how to serve their campus and to share what God is doing in their lives. Amazing! :D

  5. :) Thanks for being excited and praying for them, guys! It’ll be a lot of fun to keep telling the stories as they unfold over the next several months. Abigail-I’m really thrilled you’re going to get to meet a lot of them! Can’t wait for you to be here. :)

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