Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time.

It would appear that Santa and I are both busy making lists these days.

  1. Michelle and I have decided to make our whole team run a 5K that we’re calling “The Reindeer trot” on Christmas Eve. Sadly, given the excessive amount of hohos and Teddy Grahams that have been disappearing around Dakar lately, I’m rather concerned that it’s going to turn into more of a “Reindeer waddle”. Nevertheless, we will be dressing up like reindeer and prancing through the streets of Dakar as though nothing at all is out of the ordinary. Pictures to come, assuming we don’t wind up in the Senegalese women’s correctional facility downtown. [Or possibly, especially if we wind up in the Senegalese women’s correctional facility downtown…]
  2. “Well the fire is slowly dying-and my dear, we’re still goodbying.” What a lovely way to talk about kissing. Kind of like “There’ll be much mistletoeing”. Who knew that kissing was such an integral part of Christmas music?
  3. The other night, my team and I watched Bing Crosby’s White Christmas. Christy was the only one aside from me that had ever seen it before-and I made HER watch it back in college. That CAN’T possibly be normal-tell me the rest of you include this in your Christmas movie repertoire. Is this real life?
  4. With Gretch this summer at the happiest place on earth.

    4. I have a skype date with Gretchen in half an hour. Thank God for webcams, broken headsets, fuzzy African internet connections, and best friends. And everybody said amen.

  5. A friend with an oven in Dakar has offered to let Michelle, Christy and I come over to spend a day knocking out some Christmas baking on December 22rd! Be still my beating heart. Visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads have been happily replaced by visions of cinnamon rolls, molasses cookies, pumpkin pies,  gingerbread, chocolate chip muffins, apple pies…how much baking can three oven-less girls get done in one afternoon? We’re about to find out. Back it up, Teddy Grahams-you’re about to get “nexted”.
  6. In a fit of genius, I washed all of my running clothes at one time this afternoon. Thus, I shall have no choice but to run in sopping wet running shorts this evening. Which is perfect, because I really don’t think I was attracting quite enough attention as it was…
  7. Next month, my team and I are attending a STINT conference

    Notre Dame! And SNOW!

    in Spain. [I know-life is hard.] We’re in the process of planning some vacation time while we’re in Europe-Paris, here I come! Of the three duffels I hauled to Senegal in October, one was entirely devoted to sweaters, boots and a pea coat. Repeat the sounding joy.

  8. Speaking of pea coats, last night for the very first time since we landed, it was [almost] cool enough to wear sleeves! Next stop: snowflake Christmas pajamas.
  9. Really, I hate to be that girl. I do. But Kellan’s coming in 79 days and I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself! If the reindeer trot doesn’t get me arrested, tackling my boyfriend at the airport in a Muslim country ought to do the trick.
  10. And a partridge in a pear tree.

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