My Apple Predicament.

This weekend started off with a bang, when I wandered down to the mail room and discovered a package addressed to me. [And let it henceforth be known that there are few things in life that I love more than packages!] I ripped into my unexpected manila envelope and discovered this little bit of happy:

photo (22)The note read: “Dear Ashley, couldn’t resist sending ‘househunting files’. Love, favorite Mother in Law.”

BAH! I was so excited that I took my very first selfie, and I’m still embarrassed about it. My sweet mother in law sent me the most adorable Martha Stewart filing system! And who doesn’t love MARTHA? I’ll always have a soft spot for her–decorative pumpkins, criminal record and all. Now, are you ready for “How to Endear Yourself to Your In-Laws, by Ashley Dickens”? Refer to yourself as “your favorite _______”. The day that I married Kellan, I began to refer to myself as “your favorite daughter in law” any time I spoke to Gina and Russ. Call it brainwashing, but by the time Kellan’s younger brother Bryan gets married I intend to have my “favorite” status so solidified that the new girl won’t stand a chance.

Also, odds are that we beat his siblings to grand kids, so there’s always that.

The weekend slipped into bliss-status when one of my very best friends flew into town! Michelle has a wandering hippie heart, and thus I was only mildly surprised when she called me in the middle of last week, and asked if she could come. She’s the latest installment of a panicked flood of friends and family trying to make it to Albany before the snow hits [send. help.], and time with her was unbelievable.

Now, in true Instagram fashion:

photo (23)On Friday night, we spent hours throwing together the perfect fall dinner. Pumpkin pie bars and stuffed acorn squash were only the beginning–the occasion demanded nothing less than my very finest stretchy pants.

photo (24) Saturday morning found us at the Whistling Kettle for brunch! And as we’ve established a thousand times, nothing makes my heart sing like brunch. One pot of salted caramel tea and a crepe later, we dashed off for a hike. And Y’ALL, if there’s one time of year that upstate New York just SHOWS OFF…

photo (25)It’s right about now.  My heart stops every time I leave my apartment–it looks like the world is on fire. The pictures are such a sham next to the real thing.

photo (26)It was breathtaking. Don’t you just love New York in the fall? It makes me want to buy school supplies.

photo (28)We wandered for a couple of hours, and then found ourselves at an apple orchard, where this happened:

photo (27)Do you see that? The girl in the picture may LOOK happy, but don’t be deceived. That right there is ELEVENTY BILLION POUNDS of apples, and for a girl that eats a grand total of maybe three a year, it’s about eleventy billion too many. I was Jedi mind-tricked into thinking that I needed them by a cute little old farmer and a hippie that loves nothing more than eating local. The aforementioned hippie stuffed a couple in her carry on to take home with her [and really, now that Michelle is eating them back in North Carolina we can hardly call it “eating local” anymore], but left me with a formidable pile that’s currently taunting me from my kitchen counter. I can’t stand wasting food, and thus the apples must be used. But what on earth does one do with that many apples?! Kellan is traveling all week, which leaves me and my apple predicament all by our lonesome. The whole thing is very Little House on the Prairie, except Pa Ingalls won’t be around to save the day.

Send help. Also, recipes that won’t make me lop out of my yoga pants.


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26 responses to “My Apple Predicament.

  1. Ruth Daines

    I’ve been following your family’s journey the last several months and I love your writings. You and your mom both have an incredible talent and I’m so glad you choose to share it with us. I love this post today……I absolutely love Fall with its beautiful colors, apple picking, followed by the baking of many apple desserts! I love that you included in your blog the awesome quote from You’ve Got Mail….my all time favorite movie! I always remember lines like that from movies…. they stay with you and seem to come out at the funniest times! Thanks for the fun post today.
    Sounds like you had a perfect weekend with a friend. BTW…My favorite apple recipe is always apple crisp. It doesn’t feel so bad eating it when you’re having so much fruit ;). Happy baking!

    • Ruth, you’re so kind! Thank you. :) I’m loving fall in New York–it’s just breathtaking! And I’m with you, “You’ve Got Mail” is one of my all-time favorites. :) Kudos for recognizing the quote!

  2. kameo1216

    Whats your Instagram username?

    ..also apple pie with fresh apples cannot be beaten;)

  3. kameo1216

    What’s your Instagram username?

    ..also apple pie made with fresh apples cannot be beaten;)

  4. Brooke

    Oven-baked apple doughnuts:
    Baked…and then drenched in butter, sugar-cinnamon. They’re kinda fabulous. Sadly one recipe only uses about 2 of your eleventy billion.

  5. Joan Dickens

    Ashley, Make apple sauce. Wash and slice – do not peel, cook in large pan with small amount of water until mush, blend in blender and freeze in small batches, Can add sugar to taste. But you shouldn’t need too much if I know NY apples. Can also make apple pie and freeze before baking. I did that every fall in Rhode Island when the apples came in. Made enough apple pie to take us through the winter. Much love

  6. Lacy

    Any time I need to find fresh fruit or veggies a home I take them to work! People seem to gravitate to fresh produce they didn’t have to grow or pick themselves. 😉

  7. I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address.

  8. Also: try a crockpot apple butter, caramel apple cider (also can be crockpot!), or an apple cider cupcake! yum.

  9. Kristin

    Look at all these options!

    Crock Pot Apple sauce
    Search PDub’s site for apple recipes
    Grilled cheese with thin slices of apples and hearty mustard
    Throw them in the blender when making smoothies – great sweetener

    I’m so jealous! I eat 2-3 apples a day.

  10. Debbi Howard

    You have lots of suggestions so I probably won’t add any. I have 1/2 bushel here & I’ve made an apple crumb pie & apple chip cake so far, plus I add them diced to my oatmeal. I’ll probably make another apple cake w/o the chocolate chips & freeze it & do some sauce. When we lived in PA I’d get about 109-150 lbs of apples. LOVE apples and you can do so much with them. For now just eat one with peanut butter.

  11. Dora Schmitt

    I don’t like apple pie, but……. If you mix sliced apples in apple pie seasoning and then eat them, YUM! Also just a quick FYI, I LOVE your blog. It make me want to write, reminds me of me way back yonder, and I have forwarded to those I love to remind them….

  12. KJC

    I ate this really yummy things last year that was a ginger spice upside down cake with apples. SO YUMMY! :-)

  13. Thanks Sara! This looks divine. :)

  14. Need to talk to you, and it’s not about apples !

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