JCP_9321Hi! I’m Ashley P. Dickens.

I write because it makes me feel. It makes me remember. It makes me avoid doing laundry, and something about that just feels right. Writing means that when my husband gets home from work, I have about twenty minutes less to say to him because I’ve already said it to you, which to Kellan translates into twenty extra minutes of ESPN.

So you see, this blog is good for our marriage.

I write my stories from a little black desk that some dear friends gave to me, and each consists of whatever pops into my head when I sit down to write. I write about God is teaching me through my very newly-minted marriage. I write about what I ate for breakfast. I write about absurd things that happen during the course of my day, and I write about what I am learning after watching my 21 year old little brother die of cancer three days before my wedding. I write about grief and a grace that is deeper still. And if you go back to the beginning, you’ll find stories from the two years that I spent living in Africa, which is where this blog was born.

My husband thanks you for his ESPN time, and I thank you for listening and reminding me that I am not alone.

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7 responses to “About

  1. I relate to your reasons for writing. Like the line from the movie “Chariots of Fire”… “when I write (run), I feel His pleasure.” Keep feeling and remembering! Laundry can wait!

  2. Gloria Jenney

    Ashley, I am the president of a digital publishing company. I would be deeply honored to speak with you about publishing your blogs / ideas in a book format. There are so many hurting people who would be encouraged, strengthened, and brought into God’s presence through your words. Please contact me at the info given below. Thank you.

  3. Linda

    What a wonderful sister and gracious person you are. Such a sad and happy time for you! I am sure that Ian was so,very proud of you and that he is smiling down on you on this , your wedding day. You are such a strong person and your mom is too. I was following Ian thru her writings on Facebook . I don’t know any of you but what a remarkable wonderful loving family you are. God be with all of you and may He hold all of you in His heart until all of yours heal. Please keep in touch with all of us who have got to know u on here. We are praying for all of you. Xoxo

  4. I want you to know I was in many shows with your brother. His wife in most of them. I even had my 2nd kiss ever with him on stage… he was kind, unique, himself. An angel with a bravery I’ve never seen. He wasn’t intimidated. He wasn’t a follower. He was a man amongst boys… beyond his years, and a beautiful soul. I’m sorry for your loss. Heaven got another angel.

  5. Lovely bio. I also write to remember.

  6. Love your “about me” section – makes me excited to follow your blog! :)
    – Erin

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